AGIFLEX – The manufacturer of dog agility and training products

The AGIFLEX brand was born in 2014 with the production of our first dog agility tunnel. Since then, we have managed to build up the output well by offering the high-quality products for our customers. Our products meet the FCI agility regulations and other federations regulations regarding agility obstacles. As a result the tunnels were used at: FCI world championship qualifications in Poland and Czech Republic, Magna Racino, Silesian Open, FMBB, WAO, Junior European Open, Moravia Open, FCI Agility World Championship in Zaragoza, Mediterranean Dog Challange etc.

In 2016 we expanded our offer by partly transparent and transparent tunnels, also by introducing such agility obstacles and accessories as the single hurdle, the weaving poles and the easy tunnel holder. In 2017 we introduced new colours of our tunnels and holders: turquoise and purple. At the end of the year 2017 we launched production of the fully anti slip Antislip+ tunnels, which comply the newest FCI requirements.

Agility Tunnels

Our tunnels are designed, for example, for amateur training, exercise and games with dogs, for preparation and training of dogs to participate in competitions, also for organization of professional agility competitions and events.

For the tunnels production we use fabrics of 8 colors: yellow, blue, pink, red, purple, turquoise, light gray, black.

The tunnels are available in three main versions: Standard (one type fabric), Anti-slip (the half made of another type black fabric) and Antislip+ (the fully anti slip).

Standard lengths of the tunnels: from 1 meter to 6 meters.

Standard diameter of the tunnels: 60 cm.

The Puppy tunnels are intended for training puppies and especially small dogs: 40 cm in diameter and 1,5 m long, available in blue or pink colour.

We encourage you to visit our webshop to get acquainted with the full offer as well as to choose the most suitable tunnel for your dog.

Holder PROFI

An unique design of our tunnel holders PROFI allows them to be successfully used mostly at professional agility events due to the excellent fixity on different surfaces, such as sand, grass or synthetic grass. The holders fully encircle the tunnel and fasten with two belts, thus enabling the tunnel to be completely stable on the ground. Two special pockets are intended for slipping in and out the sand bags full of filling to facilitate moving the tunnels if need.